Buy a property in Canada without leaving your home!

You might be asking yourself - Why Canada?

Canada has a strong, stable, and dynamic economy with world class infrastructure and is recognized as a leader in cutting edge technology, and a strong research and development sector. Globally, each year Canada attracts highly skilled workers, investors, technocrats and students who help form a solid foundation for Canada’s continuous growth, and it is this growth that creates a huge window of opportunity in the booming real estate sector.

Where in Canada?

Toronto with a population of 2.8 million is the largest city in Canada, and is recognized by the U.N. as being one of the most diversified and cosmopolitan cities in the world, with its inhabitants coming from more than 140 different countries. It is a hub for technology, finance, art, culture and world class universities. Toronto is also famous for its beautiful beaches along Lake Ontario, a lively restaurant scene and the architecture of the city varies all the way from Victorian day buildings to modern skyscrapers – fuelled by the recent housing boom. Last year Toronto welcomed a record 43 million tourists who collectively spent more than $ 8.8 billion on the local economy. In July 2019, it was also reported that there were 97 construction cranes in Toronto - the most in North America.

Toronto House Prices Over the Years

How about you?

You too can be a part of this growing landscape and reap the benefits by investing in Toronto - and growing your profits by upwards of 30%, and at times even higher. Whether you decide to invest purely as an investor and profit from rising prices, or you are considering a property purchase as a stepping stone to your future relocation to Canada, or whether you have children looking to pursue higher education in the near future - either way it makes a great economic sense to own a Condominium or House in one of the most desirable and vibrant cities on this planet.

What we can do for you?

Being a Real Estate specialist and a Financial Advisor associated with some of Canada’s top organizations, I can help you invest in the best real estate projects both new (pre-construction), as well as resale - and walk you through the whole process of acquisition from a foreign country without you having to leave town. Our expert service means we will provide you with total transparency and proper documentation at each step of the process. We can even help you manage your property, take care of the rental process on your behalf and have the funds deposited directly to your bank account on a monthly basis, if you are not occupying the property yourself.

Your property will be safe and secure, and should you decide to sell it at any time, our Full Service brokerage will be more than glad to help you close the deal.

If you would like further information or would like any of your questions answered, please Contact Me.


Yogi Kapila