“Life has its own ways of imparting lessons to each one of us…”

Some realtors have reached their position through age and experience. At the other end of the spectrum, the younger generation “techies” are skilled in engaging social media, using the internet, and deploying software campaigns.

Then there are people quite like myself, who have come to hone their skills by always being “on the move” and adapting to life’s varying seasons.

I have lived and worked on 3 different continents, spanning dozens of countries and have experienced the pain and pleasure of having to relocate several times. My career began with the hospitality industry, after which I earned my license as a Financial & Life-Insurance Services Advisor, before venturing into the real estate industry.

I bring with me over 30+ years of combined global experience in the hospitality, financial, and insurance, sectors… valuable knowledge and experience which I can apply to earn you $$$ Top Dollars $$$ on your real estate portfolio.

Let me put my years of contacts and communications to work for you!

Because it isn’t just the buying and selling that drives me, it is my passion to help people connect with their dreams, whether it is finding the perfect house, or selling to move on to a better tomorrow. All prospects are welcome.


Yogi Kapila

Sales Representative

Homelife G1 Realty Inc. Brokerage

Let me help you find your Dream Home!

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